Thursday 16 March 2023

SailEvent and HalSail Integration

We are introducing a change to the way HalSail, the sailing event scoring service, and SailEvent are linked. This makes the connection both more robust and more flexible.

With effect from 12:00 UTC on Monday 20th March 2023, SailEvent competitions will link to HalSail events. (Previously competitions linked to groups of like-named series.)

After that time, users of SailEvent/HalSail integration should 

  • Create events in HalSail (>Schedule >New event)
  • Add their existing HalSail series to them (>Add a series)
  • Link their existing SailEvent competitions to the events (>Competitions >select competition >HalSail event> Save)

Sorry to ask you to do this but it’s a 5-minute job and your current data will be unaffected.

This change reflects the growth in SailEvent/HalSail integration to bring you seamless end-to-end club racing and sailing event management in the cloud with 

  • Online entries
  • Online noticeboards 
  • Electronic sign on/off
  • Real-time finish recording
  • Results on the web
  • And more