Thursday 14 December 2023

The Name of the Sailing Game

Let’s face it, sailing doesn’t have competitions; it has series, meetings, regattas, championships, nationals, worlds, events but not competitions. Even though they all are competitions!

So SailEvent is bowing to the inevitable and, instead of competition, in future will use a new generic term – event.

If event is good enough for the Racing Rules of Sailing then it’s good enough for us. Actually the RRS use the terms event and the clunky race or series more or less interchangeably but we need just one word. Appendix J Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions clearly says In this appendix, the term ‘event’ includes a race or series of races, so that’s the one we are going for. And event does reflect the name of our service!

Something to be aware of is that a series is, in both RRS and now SailEvent terms, an event.  So, if you have 6 races at weekly intervals that’s an event. But of course you can still call it your Spring Series!

Like the mythical country that announced it was changing from driving on the left to on the right, the move will take place gradually but it is going to happen over the Christmas period when everyone will be too busy celebrating to notice.😀


On which note, the SailEvent Team wish you a very Merry Christmas 

and a Happy New Year, both on and off the water.