Monday 27 November 2023

Build your own integrated entry form

SailEvent features basic online entry forms which work well for many events but there are times when more complexity is called for. You may, for example, want to include orders for merchandise or bookings for meals, and then calculate a total entry fee. Or you may need to know a competitor’s age category.

That’s where online form builders come in. You can use them to create just about any entry form you like and, when appropriate, accept entry fees online.

A good example is Jotform. It’s a powerful, well-featured forms app and can collect entry fees via many payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.

And so we come to the exciting part of this post!

Jotform entry forms can now be seamlessly integrated into SailEvent. When a competitor completes a Jotform entry form they are automagically and immediately added to the corresponding SailEvent competition and they appear in the entry list. The Jotform itself is listed in your SailEvent entry forms and is subject to the same opening and closing date and max entries rules.

All you need to get started are

  • A SailEvent Plus account.
  • A Jotform account. The free Starter plan has all required features but is limited in capacity.
  • A payment gateway account such as PayPal or Stripe if you wish to take online payments.

We’ve chosen to go with Jotform initially because we know it does the job but other form builders are available. They can be added to SailEvent as custom forms however that’s not the same as full integration.  If you have a preferred option and would like it to be fully integrated then do get in touch