Tuesday 18 June 2024


eTally ashore is not just the time to check that everyone has finished sailing and is safely accounted for, it is also an opportunity to find out how they got on. Did they sail the course and finish correctly? Or Did they Not Finish, or even Not Start?

eTally has always accepted declarations for a single race; it can now accept up to four races in one sailing session.

The screenshot below shows how it looks in the eTally phone app for three races back-to-back. eTally Kiosk has an equivalent.


For each event you can set a planned number of races but we all know that things don’t always go according to plan! So ROs can set the actual number of races sailed in the Race Team app and eTally adjusts itself.

Why a maximum of four races? We feel that four is enough for most eventualities and, if there are more than four races a day, it is probably asking a bit much of tired sailors to remember exactly what happened!

Declarations are particularly useful at club racing level when hard-pressed race officers can’t always keep tabs on everyone. SailEvent now provides an easy way to collect score codes and feed them into results.

HalSail Integration

SailEvent can send declarations seamlessly to HalSail in real time. HalSail applies score codes to race results logically keeping in mind that the RO is always right but may not have all the facts!

For example, an RO may have someone recorded as finishing but that person knows they did only 3 out of 4 laps. They do the honourable thing and declare that they did not finish. HalSail scores them DNF.

On the other hand, someone else declares they finished correctly but the RO knows they were OCS. They stay OCS!