Wednesday 9 March 2022

Notices to Competitors

In that mythical ideal world there is no requirement for communication between race management and competitors until the warning signal. Everything is in the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. What more is needed? What could possibly go wrong?

The answer is of course, as we all know, lots of things from typos in the SIs, to Racing Abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances, to bar open all day. There is always a need for an open line of communication between race officers and racers.

The traditional way is sheets of paper on the notice board and flags flying from the club flagstaff. Quaint but not much use when the competitor is still at home having his breakfast. And he’s not going to be best pleased when he drives all the way to the club only to find N over A flying.

SailEvent virtual notice boards have the solution. Type in your notice to competitors, it appears on the board and everyone on the entry list is notified by email or text. Notices are automatically numbered and time stamped.


What’s more, those who have enabled notifications are pinged on their phones. 


So there you have it, SailEvent virtual notice boards offer a simple technical solution that makes the RO’s life easier and provides a better experience for competitors. Your communication channels are open.