Wednesday 30 June 2021

Who else is sailing today?

Wouldn’t it be good to know before you leave home?

Well, thanks to a new feature in the eTally app you can find out.

Tap entry list to see a list of all those who are entered to sail. Those who have eTallied Yes are highlighted in green, Nos are red.

edit entry is the existing update button renamed to be more meaningful. Competitors can use it to make changes, such as a different crew or sail number, that apply to just this sailing session.

We’ve also added more declaration options for after racing.

The Race Officer’s decision is of course final but there are times when it is useful to have the competitor’s version of how things went.

I’m not going to get into the subtleties of DNC vs DNS and DNF vs RET but there is a comments box below!

Tuesday 8 June 2021

The Importance of Entry Lists

Entry lists are more than important, they are essential. They are essential for safety, communication, results and, when there’s an entry fee, making sure everyone has paid!

Even club racing has an entry list. Club policy may be that all members can participate but there is still an entry list – it’s a list of all club members (or maybe all registered boats).

But where do you keep your entry list? Is it in a spreadsheet, on paper, in a program on the results officer’s computer? How many versions of it are there? Who can access and change it?

With SailEvent the answer is simple – there is just one entry list for each event or series and it is held securely in the cloud with strictly controlled access. Many can view but only those with permission can make changes. And it is accessible any time, anywhere; all you need is an internet-connected device.

SailEvent provides multiple ways to compile and maintain entry lists. You can type them in, upload from a file, even the RO can (if permitted) add late arrivals, but online entry forms are what people expect. Out of the box, SailEvent has online forms for club racing and open meetings plus support for custom forms. And it collects entry fees for you too!

But for entry forms to work people need to see them and that means publishing them on your club website, in blogs, via messaging and on social media. These three new buttons on the SailEvent club app’s Competitions page help you do just that.

view this opens the entry form for just the competition you are working on.

view all opens your page listing all available online forms.

publish pops up various ways to embed forms in websites and messages. Options are there for both a single form and for the whole list. There’s even a shortened format to use when space is at a premium such as in texts and Twitter.

In this post we’ve talked about the importance of entry lists, how SailEvent is a great place to keep them and how SailEvent helps you publish them. Now over to you to get those entries in!