Wednesday 21 October 2020

End to End Race Management

SailEvent has teamed up with HalSail to provide contactless, paperless, seamless race management from entry form to results publication.

This is a typical sequence of events:

  1. Competitors enter an event or series via a SailEvent online entry form.
  2. The entry list is synched to HalSail. Boats that are not yet known to HalSail are automatically registered; entries are added to the appropriate HalSail series.
  3. On race day competitors eTally in SailEvent to say they are sailing.
  4. Those who are sailing are automatically preselected on the HalSail results entry page for rapid finish recording.
  5. The race officer records finishers in HalSail as they cross the line.
  6. HalSail calculates and publishes results on the web immediately.

SailEvent’s race team app and HalSail's online finish sheet mean that race officers have a complete and up to date picture at all times both on and off the water. The SailEvent and HalSail apps are in the cloud and phone-friendly for organisers, race officers and sailors alike.

SailEvent has a new >Settings >Integrations page with additional information and simple set up. If your club does not yet use HalSail the web site is Do take a look.


  1. Brilliant - both work well individually but getting seamless results from entries - fantastic.

  2. Thank you. Yep, we see this as a nice example of software providers cooperating for the general good and it’s a pleasure to work with HalSail.