Sunday 24 September 2023

Tallying – Traditional Technology: Updated

 I counted them out and I counted them all back in again.”

This famous quote from a Falklands War reporter sums up a simple technique that’s long been used to account for people, livestock, any items that depart and are expected to return.

To this day counting competitors is a mainstay of sailing event safety management: you know who has gone afloat and you know who has come back. If the two lists don’t match then search procedures kick in.

The familiar tally board works well when competitors are known, controlled and relatively few in number. When you have a long entry list and can’t be sure who is going to turn up, or you need them to declare whether, or not, they sailed the course, then signing sheets are the way to go. But then you have the problem of comparing scribbles!

SailEvent eTally replaces signing on paper with everyday technology – mobile phones. 


Then the clever thing is that SailEvent collates and compares, in real time, the lists of those who went sailing with those who have returned. Any discrepancy is immediately obvious.

These screenshots are from the SailEvent Race Team app taken during the ‘Admirals Cuppa’, an invitation event for illustration only!

Now apply the all important afloat but NOT ashore filter and where’s Rodney!?

Time to start looking for him.

In this blog post we’ve shown how SailEvent’s eTally feature brings today’s thinking to traditional tallying.

In our next post we introduce a new, connected alternative to eTally by phone.

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