Thursday 14 May 2020

The Back Story

SailEvent is brought to you by Sailing Club Software - those nice people who provide DutyMan. It has its origins in our involvement with Chichester Harbour Race Week, a popular 5-day dinghy regatta based at Hayling Island Sailing Club. A database in the cloud and online entry got the near 500 competitors under control. On-the-water finishing sheets ensured rapid results publication. But recording who was afloat and who was safely ashore stubbornly remained a slow, cumbersome and labour-intensive paper-based system.

So we invented eTally, a phone-friendly web app that lets sailors announce that they are sailing today with just a couple of taps. And, after sailing, a couple more taps confirm that they are ashore.

Having given the technology a thorough testing at Race Week 2019 we merged it with a GPS tracking project we have been working on and an adaptable database. The result is SailEvent – an easy-to-follow solution for clubs to keep track of two key questions: who is sailing and where are they. There are more gizmos but that is essentially it. And importantly it’s all achieved without clubs needing to buy and maintain special kit.

We were all ready to launch this spring then something intervened! But now we are getting back on the water and the time is right. What’s more, SailEvent has a role in helping your members maintain distancing; we’ll explain how in our next post.

It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s a bit techy but recent events have demonstrated that, if needs must, people adapt quickly to change and soon appreciate the benefits of electronic solutions.

SailEvent is also experimental. It won’t be perfect from day one so we need your feedback to help us improve the service. Please take a look and register at; contact us at