Wednesday 26 January 2022

Add some colour

SailEvent Themes let you add colour and images to your virtual notice boards.

There are three colours in each theme and up to two images. Here’s a less than subtle example but it does serve to illustrate the components of a theme.

Red is the border colour, blue is the text colour and grey is the background colour. This example has two images, left and right, but you can omit either one or both.

Every SailEvent account comes with a Default theme which is applied to new notice boards. Out of the box the default theme is simply black and white with no images but you can modify yours to, for instance, reflect your club’s colours and add a burgee. You can also create your own themes for specific events or series. Maybe include a sponsor’s logo or a class insignia.

Theme colours can also be applied to SailEvent entry forms. Most likely you’ll want the same theme for both notice board and entry form but they can be different.

Themes are maintained at >Admin >Themes and are applied to notice boards on the Notice board page and to entry forms on the Competitions page. Go ahead and be creative but, please, not too garish!

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